Billion Dollar Wreck Renewed for Season 2


Billion Dollar Wreck is a History Channel show which closely follows one man’s attempt to salvage the shipwreck of the White Star Liner RMS Republic, one of the ten largest passenger liners at the beginning of 20th century, which sank in 1909, six years after it had been built. The first season of the series, released in February 2016, was highly popular and it attracted a great number of viewers.

About Billion Dollar Wreck and Martin Bayerle

As previously mentioned, the series revolves around one man’s attempt to prove the existence of RMS Republic’s reputed cargo worth one billion dollars. However, it’s important to know that this is not just a man who’s amazed at this ship’s mysterious fate and secret cargo, but Martin Bayerle, the one who discovered the RMS Republic and devoted the last 35 years of his life to researching this man made marvel.


Bayerle located the ship in 1981, after two and a half years of preparatory research. Due to his apparently never-ending obsession with the Republic, ever since then, he has devoted his life completely to the ship and everything that has to do with it, which, at some point, started affecting his family life and even put him in prison for some time. But, it seems as if none of this is as important to Martin as the quest for the ship’s elusive cargo, as he is, once again, convinced that he knows the exact location of the gold.

Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2

The first season of Billion Dollar Wreck was highly popular, and it drew a great number of viewers (1 million per episode). Based on this, we can assume that the show is likely to be renewed for season 2, but, unfortunately, History has not made any official announcement yet. We will let you know as soon as our guesses are confirmed (we believe canceling the show is not an option) and until then, you can watch Billion Dollar Wreck Season 1 in case you haven’t already, and, of course, follow us for more details.