Billions Season 3 Release Date

Over the course of its two seasons, we can say with certainty that Billions has attracted quite a large number of viewers on Showtime. Of course, it’s not nearly as big as the one of Game of Thrones, which is the main attraction on the rival network HBO. However, its quality is at a very high level, which has meant a lot for the success of the show. Consequently, Showtime has decided to renew the series in March and make Billions Season 3 a reality.

David Nevins said two months ago when the renewal was announced that this one continued to be a show on the rise. Not only did it grow in audience, but in cultural relevance and critical buzz, as well. He added that it offered a mix of pure entertainment and cunning commentary on the current economy. He concluded by saying that Season 2 only prepared audience for what was waiting for them in Season 3.

The show revolves around the ongoing war between Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a billionaire hedge fund operator portrayed by Damian Lewis and Chuck Rhoades, a U. S. Attorney played by Paul Giamatti. As far as other members of the cast are concerned, Maggie Siff plays the role of Rhoades’ estranged wife who is an ex-performance coach at Axelrod’s fund, and Malin Akerman is Axelrod’s extremely protective wife.

There haven’t been many updates about the sequel, but it is rumored that Asia Kate Dillon, who is Taylor Mason in the show will return for Season 3 as well.

Billions Season 3 Release Date

When it comes to the release date of the new episodes, nothing official has been confirmed yet, but we can make some speculations. Since both of the previous seasons came out in the winter, Billions Season 3 might be released in January or February next year. Anyway, we’ll let you know the moment we find out.

Billions Season 3 Teaser