New Ford Bronco and three things everyone will love about it!


What is definitely the most important thing for most products and companies is that its buyers/consumers actually love it so much that they are willing, with as little questions as possible, to pay their money for it. The not so frequent situation is that the product, TV show, movie, or even a vehicle surpasses that and goes almost to a cult thing (Star Wars is first that comes to mind to many). But movies/TV shows are not the only one that can achieve this, there are other things that manage to reach these heights, and those are names like McDonald’s McRib or even Ford’s new vehicle that turned to be the most anticipated SUV set to return over the next few years. Yes, you guessed it it’s the new Bronco.

Ford’s big comeback – the Bronco is arguably the greatest thing since God knows when and it’s justified. To keep the suspense up and the expectations Blue Oval is being smart, and they are holding a lot of official info about the vehicle secret, but there is surely three things that will make your jaw drop and fall head over heels in this iconic SUV (if you haven’t already).


#1 Improved gas mileage!

As you know the last Bronco hit the streets as a 1996 model year, and it had 1996 engines, mileage and everything else that goes with it, but fortunately, two decades do a lot good to the engine performances as well as improvement in gas mileage sector. Thanks to that fact the new Bronco will surely have a lot better MPG ratios than anyone could imagine. If you recall the 1996 model weighted at roughly 4.500 pounds and it offered 14/17 MPG city/highway which wasn’t that good. As a comparison of the improvements made we will use the Ford’s Explorer that weights between 4.400 and 4.901 pounds and has an MPG ratio of 19/28 city/highway. But no matter what its gas mileage will be we believe that people will just be happy to have it in their life once again and that the less often trips to the gas station will only come as an added bonus.

#2 It will honor its legacy

Bronco will definitely stay true to its roots and no matter that Ford’s banner for it is “Back and badder than ever” it will not be sized down or modernized, no! Since it will be based on the Ranger platform, expect it to be even more rugged and off-road type of SUV than anything that this carmaker offers so far. According to axle company, Dana Incorporated, they have a contract to supply Ford’s Bronco and Ranger axles meaning both will have a solid front axle that will allow them superior off-road capabilities. With this Ford is clearly aiming to “steal” away some of the customers from Jeep and that is not a bad idea because the off-road market is becoming bigger and bigger every year.

#3 It’s not going to be like any Ford SUV so far

The company has a problem when it comes to new vehicles and their design. For years they were criticized for this, and the best example is the Lincoln brand that wears the “It’s simply a rebadged Ford” stigma for a long time. The concern is that the Ford will do the same to the Bronco, but thankfully this will not happen. Company executives confirmed this while speaking to Road &Track by explaining that the Bronco will not get sized down to fit in the new small crossover segment but just the opposite, they plan to increase the size of it to be bigger than gen one but smaller than gen two. There are also some reports stating it will be a unique off-road vehicle with some resemblance to SUV version of the Raptor but also aimed at fans of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Well, this is awesome so far, and if this doesn’t thrill the old and faithful fans and attracts some new, then I really do not know what will. Great job Ford, keep up the good work, and if its possible speed it up a bit, we just can’t wait to see and drive it.