Black Bullet Season 2?

Black Bullet – Will There Be Season 2?

Rumor has it that the sequel of the popular series Black Bullet will be made, but for now, those are just rumors. Namely, the director Masayuki Kojima may have suggested in some of his announcements that Season 2 would happen, but he hasn’t made any clear statement yet. Neither did he say anything specifically on the topic, nor did any of the other creators of the series.

Black Bullet (Burakku Buretto) is a very popular anime series. There was a TV show containing 13 episodes, several great light novels, and manga episodes. It is illustrated by Saki Ukai and written by Shiden Kanzaki. Seven volumes of the series have been published since April 2014, and its publication began on July 10, 2011.

The story of the anime is set in the near future on a territory called Avidya on the Earth. It is under cover of thick and deep darkness which is increasing daily. The darkness keeps destructing everything on its way, everything living on the planet. Namely, it is an unknown virus named ‘gastraea’ that destroys the whole population of our planet.

However, even though humankind on the Earth is threatened to be extinct, not all humanity disappears completely. What is interesting for this virus is that it doesn’t kill people, it turns them into monsters. Human genes mutate and as a result they become monsters. Luckily, there is a handful of people who are not infected with the virus, and a group of eight children is to fight against evil. This combat is extremely tough, and many fans would like to know how it will end.

Black Bullet – Will There Be Season 2

As a result, many anxious viewers are looking forward to Season 2 of the ‘Black Bullet.’ Will evil be defeated? Unfortunately, no one knows that yet, and all of us will just have to sit and wait for the official announcement from the people behind the series.