Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers – Week 13 Picks And Predictions


It seemed like the Pack is back on Monday Night Football, in Philadelphia. Those were the Packers that we knew and loved to watch in the past couple of seasons. Aaron Rodgers was his old self, and their defense was putting the pressure on Eagles’ quarterback all night long. Can Green Bay keep this up?

Well, they are having a great matchup as Texans are struggling as of late. Brock Osweiler has acknowledged that he has had a rough time in the past couple of rounds. But, that is not enough. He needs to improve if this team wants to win their division. They are lucky that the Colts are struggling with injuries and Andrew Luck can’t stay on the field.

Houston’s defense needs to be the one that is winning the games for them. The offense just doesn’t seem to be able to get the job done. Osweiler just can’t connect with Hopkins, his best weapon.

Aaron Rodgers has great numbers this year, but in the first half of the season, he was missing some throws that he usually delivers. He has stepped up in recent weeks, but his defense has failed him. They gave up over 40 points in both Week 10 and Week 11. That is just not acceptable for a squad that wants to make the Playoffs and for a team that has some ground to make up.


They got it all together in Philly, and they need to keep rolling in order to run the table. Aaron Rodgers said he thinks they can do it and reached great stats on Monday. If Rodgers thinks they can do it, we believe they can do it too.

Green Bay Packers will defeat the Houston Texans on Sunday carried by a great performance of Aaron Rodgers and a not-so-great one by Osweiler. Packers’ D will step up and help them get to this 31:18 win against Houston.