BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) CEO’s Wife Loves Her Samsung Phone

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) CEO John Chen told media that his wife loves her Samsung Smart phone, something which causes him embarrassment in the public gatherings.

Wife using a Samsung device

In an interview to the Financial Times, Chen said that a couple of times when they went to the parties, his wife carried Samsung and everyone looked at him in a funny way. Chen said that he asked his wife to take BlackBerry to which she replied, ‘No, I like my Samsung.’

Chen said that his wife found it challenging to use a difficult phone, which is a common experience among BlackBerry first-time users. He added that even though it is bit complicated in the starting, but once the user gets along with it, the phone is quite powerful making other devices look like a little toyish.

On being asked if his wife is still using Samsung while he is out, to which Chen replied that he is not aware of that and added lightly that there might be lot of secrets he is not aware of.

Hardest part yet to come for BlackBerry

In the interview, Chen told how the man has managed to keep the company sailing after the sales declined. Chen believes that BlackBerry made a huge mistake when it started chasing the consumer market, and even though he has stabilised the company, the hardest part is yet to come in terms of growth. Chen acknowledged the fact that the company is not very high on morale, but it is not as low as many believe.

BlackBerry can dominate in areas such as Internet of Things rather than depending on handsets. He said, “I hope today there is very little question of whether we’re going to survive.”

Presently, the CEO of the Canadian Smartphone company is in China, meeting with the heads of companies such as Lenovo Group Ltd to start a profitable partnership. Chen accepted that he is interested in entering into partnership with Chinese juggernauts such as Lenovo and Xiaomi.

China has always praised Blackberry focus on security, encryption and privacy, and there could be new opportunities unwinding in the field of technology licensing, distribution or manufacturing, Believe Chen.