BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) RE-routes IoT With QNX, Despite Sierra Wireless In The Way


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has always been a purist of sorts, among the technology tribe. Perhaps this is what it will bring to the latest wave that has caught the fancy of technology consumers, Internet of Things. For, if rumblings from BlackBerry Ltd stables are any indication, then its QNX software is all set to take on the big-mighty Android OS’s Internet of things that are already debuting – fancy watches, to thermostats and plenty more, such as Sierra Wireless, Inc. (USA) (NASDAQ:SWIR) as well!

The way forward for the now-recovering BlackBerry Ltd is to dominate the Internet of Things bandwagon, and it appears to be all set to groove as its connecting software re-routes Internet of Things from shipping containers to medical devices.

Meanwhile, financial analysts at Motley Fool led by Cameron Conway, however, hold their breath for competition coming in from little-known Sierra Wireless, Inc. (USA)(NASDAQ:SWIR) as it emerges as the Microsoft Corp-like giant of Internet of Things.

Blackberry RE-routing technology With Expansion of QNX OS

BlackBerry Ltd has been pinning its hopes on its QNX Operating System that has been manning over 50 million vehicles tracking systems on shipping containers.

The possible applications that can emerge by twinning its proven device management expertise and advanced secure features to IOT would mean a new beginning for Blackberry Ltd.

But experts view BlackBerry Ltd futuristic roadmap could well see a wrench, because Sierra Wireless is chugging ahead with massive expansions by way of acquisitions. Its new buy, the Swedish company Maingate will thrust over 500 of the former’s clients on the European mainland and their 500,000 devices to Sierra Wireless. Besides, Sierra Wireless’ coffers too will be tipped by additional $6million per year from Maingate.

Interestingly, Blackberry Ltd with its global mien, is rooted in Canadian technology ecosystem, just as Sierra Wireless. However, the tipping for Sierra Wireless is that it is the dark horse here, while Blackberry Ltd is yet to emerge from its near-bankruptcy horizons!