Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Posts Gaining Popularity In Court Cases As Evidence

Facebook is not only a giant social media company, but also a reliable source of information that can be used to settle legal disputes. A new study shows that the network has grown in popularity in providing vital information that has been used to solve standoffs between couples after a survey was carried out on ‘caseloads’ in legal firms.

Source of Evidence

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is also increasingly being used to track people’s movements as well as keeping good record of user’s expenditures, ranging from cars to holidays. Leeds law firm indicates that a number of cases it had handled revolved around people using social media to get back in touch with their old flames.

Facebook is arguably one of the most reliable platforms for retrieving logs to people’s lives. Lyn Ayrton, a Managing Partner, notes that since most of the platforms allows users to share written posts as well as pictures, the same information can most of the time be used in court cases as evidence.

Caution over Postings

Over 200 cases examined; it was found that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) content was being used in almost a third of the cases in courts. Managing partner at Stowe Family, Julian Hawkhead notes that photographs, as well as comments shared in most of the social platforms, can be used as evidence in determining once lifestyle, as well as relationship status.

The internet is also being used to provide a foray of useful information with regards to financial status of users. A Google search can simply provide information about a given party, spending as well as location and what went down.

The revelations clearly show that people need to take greater awareness on the kind of information they post online as the same can be retrieved at a touch of a button and used as evidence in court of law.