BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)’s QNX Gets Several Partnership Deals at CES 2015

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s subsidiary QNX Software Systems seems to land several partnership deals at CES 2015. Today, iHeartRadio announced multiple Automotive and In-Home Entertainment Integrations one of which is of course BlackBerry’s QNX.

Other companies also joining iHeartRadio are Google, Sony, LG, DISH, TiVo, and few others.

From the press release: “QNX: QNX Software Systems, a subsidiary of BlackBerry, unveiled a technology concept car that includes “iHeartRadio Drive Anywhere Radio.” The prospective feature will allow drivers to continue listening to their favorite AM/FM radio station even after driving out of signal range. The QNX-based infotainment system would automatically switch to the digital iHeartRadio station, allowing the driver to stay focused on the road.”

QNX and LG Electronics

It was announced yesterday that QNX Software Systems will provide LG Electronics with software platforms for next-generation Automotive Systems. QNX and LG Electronics have a long history of working together on telematics programs, but this time, QNX will provide LG Electronice with the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, the QNX Neutrino Operating System, and few other solutions.

“QNX Software Systems has been our trusted supplier for more than a decade, providing flexible software solutions that have helped LG deliver millions of high-quality systems to the world’s automakers,” said Won-Yong Hwang, Director and Head of AVN development department, LG Electronics’ VC Company.

QNX and Volkswagen

QNX Software Systems also announced that it provides software for Volkswagen Infotainment Systems. QNX technology now used and shipped in 2015 models of Volkswagen Touareg, Passat, Polo, Golf, and Golf GTI models.

“At Volkswagen, we believe deeply in delivering the highest quality driving experience, regardless of the cost, size, and features of the vehicle. The scalable architecture of the QNX platform is well-suited to our approach, enabling us to offer a full range of infotainment systems, from premium level to mass volume, using a single, proven software base for our Modular Infotainment Modules (MIB) and the RNS 850 system,” said Alf Pollex, Head of Connected Car and Infotainment, Volkswagen AG.

Looks like few more partnership deals are expected to be announced by QNX in the next couple of days. Yesterday, QNX Software Systems announced that its software is deployed in more than 50 million vehicles.