Google Inc (GOOG) Demands Cheaper Airwaves For Consumers Or For Its Own Profit?

With a mission to organise infinite data on the web, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) started its baby steps as only a search engine. On its way it took many key steps, to name a few- Blogger, Ad Sense, Orkut, Gmail, Google Maps, calendar, trends, books, YouTube, Google Play, and going into the smart hardware world with Nexus Smartphone’s and Chrome book tablet. Speaking of which Google has done it all.

Now what could it do more? Before we could even make a guess of it, this technology giant is stepping into the world of networks which runs or more specifically to say, connects Google’s products.

No, It is not starting a telecommunication business. But, urging the U.S. regulators (Federal Communication Commission) to release the available low cost spectrum, since last couple of years. This plan, if successful, can free up around 150 Mhz of spectrum, which is said to be beneficial to consumers. This 150 Mhz of spectrum around 3.5 gigahertz band could be used to start public Wi-Fi zones at low cost.

Now here is where Google profits. Wi-Fi zone increases the use of internet. I.e. public will surf more with the aid of these zones, which will indirectly raise the use of Google’s products like Google+, YouTube, Gmail, etc. As we all know, the cheaper bandwidth available, the more people will use it, and more Google products will be used. But if the foremost cost of using the internet is high, we generally use internet for basic purposes or avoid using it.

However the FCC is expected to decide this year on rules to use the spectrum. Furthermore, Google is surely up to something. Milo Medin is said to be directing some internet accessing project. Also spectrum experts, Andre Clegg and Preston Marshall, have been hired at Google. These are not just small executive change to be ignored.