Blackberry Ltd (BBRY)’s Security Portfolio ‘The Best’ in The Market

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Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) the Smartphone maker with a difference, has apparently one more feature which makes it the most popular in its category – its secure platform.

Thomas Reuter’s data reveals that the intellectual property and key technology rights over mobile and cell phone security are held between two companies. The first is Blackberry Ltd with 100 patents, while ZTE, the china-based telecom player has apparently over 160 patents.

The data regarding mobile secure feature ownerships is indeed a surprise for many within the industry and others as well. The expectation was that this would be the primary technology of companies such as Apple Inc or Samsung. Both of these are the largest sellers of mobile phones in their respective categories. However, this is apparently not true. It is the comeback mobile company Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) which has the second highest number of patent technologies on securing the mobile or the cell phone.

The ownership of much more intellectual property by ZTE Corporation continues to surprise many. As late as 2014, the company was found to hold the third highest number of filings for patents. At last count, it holds over 40,851 active patents. Of these 1,385 are active patents and have already been granted by UPSTO.

The cluster of patents it held continues to focus on wireless mobile communications. Thomas Reuters predicts that there is likely to be more action by Chinese companies, Xiaomi as well as Huawei in applying for more patents in the US.

While Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) ‘revitalizes’ itself with the latest range of secure patents, once again there is speculation, that this may attract buyers such as Apple Inc. The patent portfolio of the former is formidable and immensely attractive to buyers such as Apple Inc, claim analysts at Thomas Reuters. At the same time, the analyst view the Rockstar debacle, may well deter the likes of Apple Inc from acquiring another company for its patents pool.