Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ‘Drug’ Feared in Europe

In an unprecedented development, users of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) were warned about a new ‘synthetic drug’ which resembled the iconic social networking sites logo.

The drug, which clearly resembles the square shape and the font of the network’s logo, is a lighter shade of blue.

The warning to be wary of the drug was issued by the Hungarian medical ministry. Last week, the Hungary National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (NPHMOS) notified the public that the drug is lethal and has caused severe sickness to those who have used the drug.

The notification was issued on Facebook Inc as well, with the image of the pill.

The pill which is developed on the social network theme appears to have caused various symptoms. All of those suffering from the after effect of this drug were hospitalized and are currently in intensive care.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)-themed drug has thus far been seen only in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. The Hungarian medial organization reported that the lack of knowledge about the drug and its components has meant it is not able to ban its use. Technically it is not illegal, the organization pointed out. However, the NPHMOS has already begun investigating the synthetic drug, the organization announced. The focus on the doses of this drug too is an important factor, and the studies are focused on this as well.

However, the organization has warned that if anyone had used the drug, then they will have to seek medical help at the very earliest. The nature of the symptoms has proved to be severe with intensive care being the norm. Another website has claimed that the drug causes sleepiness, as well as hallucinations.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users and others across the continent fear that the pill may eventually enter the local markets via black market.