BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY): Mobile Marketing Association Gives BBM ‘Media Company of the Year Award’

BlackBerry Ottawa

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s mobile advertising platform BBM was selected as the winner of the publisher/media company of the year category.

The company was awarded by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) during the 2015 ‘Smartie’ awards that were held in Indonesia. Blackberry’s Matthew Talbot the award as an important milestone for the company because it is a good indicator that BBM is widely recognized by the advertising and mobile marketing world. It also shows how well and successfully the company has transformed BBM from its initial status as a chat service into a successful platform that combines commerce ads and content.

Media and advertising are relatively new fields for the company but so far they have proved to be the right direction for BBM. The company achieved its first direct Native Ad in July last year, while video was incorporated in September 2015. Mr. Talbot reported the company has been receiving more than 1 billion ad request on a daily basis. He expressed the company’s gratitude to the MMA for noticing what Blackberry has achieved through BBM.

The team has had very good success pushing their luck in the mobile marketing industry through comprehensive use of talent. Blackberry hopes to carry on with the same momentum by attracting partnerships with ad firms and brands. The company feels that the working together can help the parties generate more value by taking advantage of all that BBM can offer.

The MMA is a non-profit trade association that represents the mobile marketing industry. Its main aim is to push the development of marketing through mobile platforms. RohitDadwal of the Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific Limited expressed delight in the fact that the officials selected BBM as the winner.

Mobile marketing has emerged as the best advertising platform due to its accuracy. BBM managed to take advantage over the field through its creative and innovative strategies that produce results within a short time. The organization is keen on observing BBM’s continued growth as a leader in the mobile marketing platform.