Blackberry Ltd (BBRY)’s Classic Dates Singapore

Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) latest model released in the US, now meets its Singapore launch date. On Wednesday, Cameron Vernest, Managing Director, Singapore, &The Philippines announced that it has partnered three of the region’s largest players – M1, SingTel and StarHub – selling the Classic Blackberry.

Noting the infinitely powerful experience of Blackberry Bold and Curve users in the region he urged buyers to head to partner sellers for the Blackberry Classic.

Describing the Blackberry Classic as the device that brings agility and performance in an environment that is demanding and busy, he reassured buyers the familiar features native to Blackberry features. Blackberry Classic will persist with secure features native to the brand.

Blackberry Beta Zone app three times faster and also has 60% screen space as well as 50% longer battery life. Applications through Blackberry World and the Amazon AppStore.

BlackBerry Keyboard & Trackpad with signature QWERTY keyboard and its iconic feature will support dual app storefront. StarHub offers include 4G LTE-Advanced network as well as largest 4G roaming coverage across Singapore.

Facebook BlackBerry 10

Meanwhile, apart from the launch, the beta update for Facebook was launched. Blackberry Beta Zone now includes the Facebook update and does not offer drastic changes. Enhancing features that are included are photo collages as well as access to admin pages. However, experts critique that this could be a bit of bother for power users of this feature.

As Chen, the incumbent CEO of BlackBerry Ltd changes begin to take precedence across the organization, there is renewed employee morale, and at a higher level buyer opinion too has seen an upside. More importantly, retention of classic BlackBerry features which had let the device gain its loyal users, in the latest models has seen a return of the earlier users. Additionally, as BlackBerry develops range of devices for different customer base, it has picked up wider range of buyers than in its previous ‘eclectic’ user niche!