Blockbuster Matchup Set For No Mercy Pay Per View


There are a lot of WWE pay per view events during the calendar year, but people are only going to remember a few of them when a couple of years go by. Those are usually Wrestlemania’s, big moments at events like Summerslam and Survivor Series and the Royal Rumbles. Those are the big four shows out of the PPV events. But, from time to time, there are those “B-level” PPV’s that fans are going to remember because some of the biggest matches happened there. That was the case with Battleground last year when we had a Shield Triple Threat Match.

This year, it is going to be the No Mercy PPV, a Raw branded event that is going to see two monster duels. The first of them is going to be Brock Lesnar that is going up against the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman. The second one is going to be historic because Roman Reigns and John Cena are going to be facing each other in what is a Wrestlemania worthy match.


Cena is here to give a rub to Roman Reigns and work with other talents. This is one of the biggest fights that WWE can put together right now and it is a bit strange that the company has decided to have them face at the event like No Mercy.

However, this is going to be an exciting match in which a lot is going to happen. Since they just started feuding, we don’t expect that there is going to be a definite winner in this situation. But, the thing to watch here is how the crowd is going to react to these two, who’s side are they going to be on and how this is going to end. One really intriguing story, one of the best that WWE can put together at this point in time.