BMW i5 will be an Unconventionally Styled Hatchback According to Patent Leaks

Recently several patent images for the BMW i5 leaked on the internet. Based on the images, you can see the rendered vehicle here. The look is somehow unconventional and we know that the next car will be a hatchback.

This is written on BMWBLOG: “The rendering shows a four-door hatchback with subtle SUV elements and a raised driving position. The i5 clearly borrows a lot of its design from both the BMW i3 and i8, with the rear end being almost entirely i3 and the front end having a lot of i8 in it.”

So far, we know that the new i5 will be an electric vehicle, and although it is supposed to go on sale in 2018, it still needs to be confirmed by the company. These images give us a first insight of the new car, but it is still early. BMW is not really eager to talk about the vehicle, so don’t expect any concrete news and confirmations in near future.

As we can conclude from the photo, the new i5 will look decent. However, it is still early in the process and we have too little information to even make some kind of guesses or predictions. As soon as we find out something we will let you know.