Great news from Google, Pixel Smartphone survives long underwater

Have you ever heard of someone dropping his or her phone in the toilet? This is indeed a disaster. It is a burden for swimmers and divers to have their gadgets immersed in water. Some devices are just not waterproof. Hence, this feature is indeed appealing in all smartphones. That is why Google is providing this enhancement to the Pixel phone to address this concern.

A test had been conducted on this phone. It was immersed in water for thirty minutes. It came out just fine and working well.

The problem with the Pixel lies on its low rating. It only had an IP53 certification instead of IP68 which most smartphones are commonly rated. IP68 certification means that the device is resistant to dust and water. The lower rating, IP58, only certifies its ability to resist water immersion.

The Pixel, however, is much more capable of protecting itself than what it has been rated. A certain YouTuber, Harris Craycraft, had conducted his own test on the device. Using a hose, he sprayed water on the smartphone. He had submerged for thirty minutes. An amazing result came out after that. The smartphone was still functioning perfectly after immersion.

Justifying the IP68 rating, it must be noted that most of these individual tests only had the phone only been placed about two inches underwater. In order to get the highest rating, IPX7, the device must be submerged for about a meter below the water’s surface. It also must be able to put up with strong, direct pressure from a water spray.

These tests may not have recommended a higher than IP58 rating for the Pixel, they are enough to give you the confidence that the device is very much capable of protecting itself from water pressure. You can rest assured of your investment when you decide to get one of these Pixel smartphones. You wouldn’t have to worry so much about accidentally dropping it on water or getting it splashed.

But the tests also do not suggest that you be reckless with your property. It is still very helpful and economical to be extra careful with your device. The rating is only there to help make a wise decision on your next mobile phone purchase.