NBA Season Preview: Three Potential Breakout Stars

NBA season is just around the corner, and fans around the world have waited long enough. Predictions for this year are offered all over the internet, but there are always some players that are flying under the radar. They are not talked about before the season starts, but as soon as they start playing good basketball, everyone is ready to name them the Most Improved Players. Let’s see which players have a good chance of taking that award home.

3. DERRICK FAVORS, Utah Jazz – Gordon Hayward will be out to start the season, and that gives the perfect opportunity for Favors to step up, take more of a workload and establish himself as one of the elite power forwards in the West. He has the tools, just needs to use them on a consistent basis.

2. JOEL EMBIID, Philadelphia 76sixers – He is a rookie and will be in the conversation for that award, but this man will also exceed everyone’s expectation and have a great year. Embiid is just too gifted for us to leave him off this list. Philly will trade a center during this season, but it won’t be him. He might be their most valuable asset along with Ben Simmons.

1. GIANNIS ANTETOKUMNPO, Milwaukee Bucks – He will be a first-time All-Star. A guy that will be one of the leaders in the triple double stats category and will steer his team back to the postseason. With fantastic performances, he will show why a lot of people in that organization are high on him. This will be Giannis’ breakout year, so expect another star to emerge on the NBA sky. Many predicted a great season for Antetokumnpo and we fully agree so enjoy the show and watch as a new star is born.