Bones Season 12 Release Date and Updates

It’s been a whole year since the last season of the popular TV series “Bones” was released, so the fans must be quite impatient to see what’s going to happen next, for the Season 11 ended with a major cliffhanger. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little bit more for the Season 12 to be delivered, but the good news is that the trailer is now available.

As you certainly remember, Dr. Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, was kidnapped in the last episode by her former squinter Zack Addy, portrayed by Eric Millegan. The members of the Jeffersonian Institute are eventually led to the conclusion that he is the mysterious serial killer The Puppeteer, on whose case they have been since Season 10. The trailer shows that Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, is beside himself with worry and for a reason, because we also get to find out that Addy will either kill or severely injure the protagonist.

According to TV Line, Booth will do absolutely anything in order to save Brennan. He is particularly agitated now that they are almost completely sure that it is Addy who has been hiding behind the identity of The Puppeteer all the while. We see in the trailer he’s furious, screaming “He took her and he’s going to kill her.”

Having been associated with a killer in some of the previous “Bones” seasons, Zack Addy was probably the first character to cross your mind when thinking about The Puppeteer enigma. Don’t forget that he was sent to a mental institution in Season 2 after he had pleaded guilty to a murder. Thus the producers might have just wanted you to read between the lines and solve the mystery by yourselves.

Besides the various twists in the plot, it is also expected that you will have the opportunity to see some of the former characters again in the upcoming and, sadly, the very last season of your favorite series. Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry) and Dr. Beth Mayer are some of them. Finally, we have good news for those of you who wanted to see Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) taking their relationship to the next level – they are getting married.

Bones Season 12 Release Date

The long-awaited Season 12 will be released on January 3, 2017.