Dak Prescott Or Joe Flacco – Who Is Under More Pressure?


Tony Romo has come out and stated that Dak Prescott should be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. That doesn’t mean that Romo’s time with Dallas is over. He will be watching behind Prescott’s back, ready to get in as soon as rookie starts to crumble. He still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, but you never know what might happen in the NFL and it is great for a team to have such a backup like Romo.

On the other hand, we have a squad that is still leading the division even though they are having a subpar season at best. Ray Lewis said that Joe Flacco lacks the passion that leaders and players on quarterback position need to have. That has put a spotlight on Joe Flacco this week. When you put that together with him going up against a team that is always in a spotlight, you end up having a pressurized situation for Ravens’ signal caller.


Is he under more pressure to perform than Dak Prescott? We think so. He has been called out a bit by Lewis and he needs to step up and show what he is made of. Not just because of the fact that he needs to do something in order to bolster his own image, but also because of the fact that Ravens need this win badly.

Steelers and Bengals are right behind them ready to strike and knock them out of the Playoff picture. Dallas has a nice lead in their division and Prescott has been sensational. He doesn’t have much to lose in this one, while on the other hand, Ravens do have. Flacco needs to show up, and Baltimore needs to get the job done in Arlington, TX.