Boston Celtics – Season Preview And Predictions

There is no team in the NBA that has had a quicker rebuilding process than the Boston Celtics. After trading away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and clearing the deck back in 2013, they have spent only one year out of the Playoff picture. Just recently they fooled the Nets in that trade. And what Danny Ainge did to the Suns in that Thomas trade speaks for itself.

Celtics are one of the NBA’s best defensive teams. They are quick, they force turnovers, and they score in transition. Last season they were the team that attempted the most shots. That tells you how fast paced their offense is and how many turnovers they force and score off them.

They lack good shooters, and that is one of their biggest problems. But they make up that with shot attempts number, so three-pointers do go in for these Celtics.

Al Horford addition was just what the doctor ordered for Boston. Brad Stevens will utilize his all-around skills on the offense; he can roll or pop after setting the pick, he can put the ball on the floor, and he can shoot and pass. Stevens always plays through his bigs, and he has them passing and shooting all the time, Kelly Olynyk is the best example of that. Now, with All-Star caliber player in the front court, Celtics offense will thrive.

Thomas will start at the point of course along with Avery Bradley. Crowder will be at the three and Amir Johnson will play with Al Horford in the front court. Pretty decent starting lineup, but their bench is also strong with Olynyk, Smart, Brown, Gerald Green, and Terry Rozier. Second-year player Jordan Mickey will fight for some minutes with Zeller and Olynyk.

This team won 48 games last season, and they should be able to at least match what they did last season. We are picking them to go 50-32 this season and to make the Playoffs as the three seed in the East. Celtics should probably advance to the second round. This will be the year in which they will take that next step. Conference finals might be their ultimate reach, but we are going to say that they will lose in the 2nd round.