Tesla Model 3 – News and Updates


Tesla Model 3 is already widely popular as it has almost half a million pre-orders. Thus, Fred Lambert issued a report on how to know your place in a pre-order queue for Model 3.

However, after Tesla sorted out the orders and wiped out any duplicates the final number of reservations has decreased. Since June, Tesla Model 3 has been pre-ordered by 373,000 people.

This car is highly anticipated in the US. If you decide to order early take the $7,500 Federal tax credit system in consideration. When Tesla reaches more than 200,000 sales of its car the credit will split in half. This tax system is why everyone is interested in their place in the queue.

Lambert shared a process on how one’s “common_reservation_id” numbers could help you out to find out your rank. You can also see a “Google Doc” where if you have a reservation you can enter your details in order to compare. So far, there have been 350 entries.


Check out the photo of the document list below on which we can see the reservations. We can also be creative and see how countries rank in pre-orders.

If we rule out North America, China is the one that is on top of the list for Tesla Model 3. They are followed by Germany and the UK. Behind the UK is Norway. After Norway, the country with the most pre-orders is the Netherlands. At the next spot, we have Spain and France which are tied and they are followed by Switzerland. Australia, France, and Belgium are next.

As for the Asian market, China is on top, followed by Japan and South Korea.