Braun Strowman Has Matches Announced For Monday Night Raw


Braun Strowman is one of the most dominant superstars on both rosters. The company has been building him up perfectly up to this point as he has destroyed everything that was put in front of him. When he is unsatisfied with the decisions that GM makes, this guy goes backstage and lays out everybody that he meets before GM breaks down and gives him what he wants.

A Monster Among Man has done that last week, and one of his victims was Kalisto, a guy that he picked up and flat out threw in the trash. Because of that, Kalisto issued a challenge to Braun Strowman on Twitter since he is ready to fight him on Monday Night Raw. Kurt Angle, General Manager of the Red brand, quickly announced that the match is set for the next episode of Raw.


WWE’s official Twitter account also stated that the duel is going to be happening tomorrow. All of this is just another way for Strowman to look strong and impressive. Kalisto is a great seller and a great bump-taker. There is no doubt that the writers are going to find another good and creative way for Strowman to look like a monster after this segment is done.

Reigns will also be on Raw, so we can expect that he is somehow going to get involved in this match as he has a showdown with The Mountain Of A Man scheduled for this Sunday at Payback PPV. Big E even went to Twitter and said that he is going to be praying for Kalisto during Monday Night Raw.