Browns Taking Trubisky No.1 Overall?


NFL Draft is just a couple of days away, and there we still don’t have a clear-cut number one overall pick. Even though many people have just one candidate for that spot, the team that has that selection is going to be the one to decide who is going to be drafted at the top of the 2017 NFL Draft.

When we talk about the Cleveland Browns, words like “worst team in the league” and “quarterback problems” are often used. They have struggled to find their signal caller for over a decade now. A QB position is the most important one in the game, it brings stability and security to the franchise. The focal and central piece of every single franchise should be the signal caller.

This team has had four people throwing the ball last year which is a recipe for disaster right there. Teams can get pretty desperate for a quarterback to the point that they are going to do everything that they can to acquire somebody that they want to give the keys to the offense.


Even though many people believe that Miles Garrett should be the number one overall pick while there are also people around the NFL that think that there are no quarterbacks that are first-round-worthy, the Cleveland Browns are strongly considering drafting Trubisky at the top of the Draft.

Just to show you how desperate they are, there is a good chance that they can acquire him later in the draft with their other high picks. It seems that they are ready to go all-in on Trubisky. Garrett is probably going to be taken in the top two, but the fact of the matter is that Browns should go with him as their top choice.