Braun Strowman Made To Look Like A Monster At Summerslam


There is no doubt that the main event at Summerslam was the best one that WWE has produced in 2017. This match was so brutal and good that it made the show a lot better than it looked before the battle started. Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Samoa Joe all performed well in this match. But, the man of the night was without any questions Braun Strowman. This dude looked like a force to be reckoned with. The writers wanted to make him dominant here, and they did it.

We need to tip our hat off to Brock Lesnar. The kind of bumps that he took today not only for Strowman but everybody was amazing. Braun looked like a stud in this match as he powerslammed Lesnar through the table. The crowd loved the spot, and Braun then prepared Lesnar to do the same thing to him again. He cleared the second table and then powerslammed him again like a beast that he is.


At this point, the crowd was going crazy. Not only was he the only man that Brock couldn’t suplex, but this guy was the one that almost cost him the title. With two tables down and with the crowd going crazy, Strowman was on fire. Then, the fans started cheering for the third table. But, instead of running him through another announcers desk, Braun decided to pick it up from the ground and throw it on Lesnar. The place went berzerk, the match went from great to amazing.

Picking up chairs and throwing them at people is what Strowman does with ease. He did it again at Summerslam, which just put the cherry on top for him in this battle. Absolute dominance. In the end, many think that he should have been the one to win this match and that would have made this main event even better. It is not a big deal that he didn’t win as he wasn’t the one that got pinned. This was a great showcase for the Monster Among Men who is going to be a big-time player for Monday Night Raw in the future.