Brutal Fatal Four-Way For The Universal Title Closes Summerslam

Before the main event began in Brooklyn, when we looked back at the show, we couldn’t help but think that it really didn’t deliver. There were some good moments here and there, but there were just too many things that were underwhelming and not exciting. Then, the main event began, and it was worth the wait. It is safe to say that this match for the WWE Universal Championship is what made the show quite okay.

When you have four legit guys that have had a great storyline going on for them in a good build for a match that is going to sell just based on the names that are in it, you can’t disappoint. It started off brutal with everybody really going all-in. First, it was Reigns that speared the life out of Brock Lesnar, pushing him through the barricade. But then, it was Braun Strowman that stole the show after going ham on Brock Lesnar. Boy, was that brutal.

They had Lesnar taken out, but everybody kind of knew that he is going to make a comeback. Samoa Joe then had some good moves, always dangerous and looking for that Coquina Clutch that is going to put somebody to sleep and win him the title. Roman Reigns punched every inch of everybody involved, including Brock Lesnar when he came back.

Three Superman Punches were enough to put Lesnar down, but he countered Reigns’ big move – The Spean. One F5 later and it was Lesnar that retained the title in one of the best fatal four-way matches ever.


If you haven’t watched this, you need to stop what you are doing right now and check out this war that these men participated in. Some will not be happy with Brock still as the champ, but when you put on a match like this, you can’t be mad, whatever the outcome ends up being.