Jinder Mahal Shockingly Pins Nakamura

Source: wwe.com

Title reign of Jinder Mahal hasn’t impressed a single soul. He has been booked as a cowardly heel, protected, but really not strong. This guy hasn’t pinned anyone clean in any match of some significance, and we knew that he for sure not going to go over Nakamura clean. In fact, nobody picked him to win this duel as the fans know just how big of a deal Nakamura is, how well he has been booked and made to look down in the NXT.

Well, the WWE did something that nobody really thought that it is possible. They had Nakamura in a bad match. That just tells you right there how big of a flop Jinder Mahal is and his reign with the title. WWE Championship is the most important belt in the company, and this guy is making it look like a total joke. He really has nothing to offer when it comes to his in-ring work, Nakamura is one of the best, but the match was not exciting at all.

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And the finish was God awful. How many times do we need to see the Singh Brothers interfering the same way they always do in order to cause a distraction and for Jinder to get away with the win? That happened with Nakamura too. Of all the people, they used that same generic finish with a superstar like Nakamura. Truly a terrible decision.

In the end, Jinder Mahal walks away with the title, but this isn’t the last of Mahal vs. Nakamura that we are going to see. This feud will continue, and we hope that it is going to end as soon as possible, and the right way, with Nakamura as the champion.