Braun Strowman Reveals Why He Loves Pro Wreslting


Two years ago, Braun Strowman entered the WWE as the third member of the Wyatt family. He was a bit out of shape, very tall and big, still green and still inexperienced. Now, two years later, he is one of the best things about the brand that he is on, dominating every single match that he’s participating while getting a lot of fantastic reactions from the fans. When you think back about the Summerslam of 2017, you will think about Strowman dominating the match. He was the best thing on the show.

His rise is very well received. For a big guy, he can make moves in the ring and can do a lot of damage to his opponents. You can just ask Brock Lesnar about that. Speaking of the Beast Incarnate, he is going to be the one that will challenge him at the No Mercy pay per view for the WWE Universal Championship.


This man has been great for the brand, and he deserves this chance. Hard work did pay off for him, and the success that he is enjoying right now is something that he earned. There aren’t many guys that look like him and that are capable of doing the things that he does. When it comes to wrestling, here is what he had to say.


“Oh man, that’s the whole thing. That’s everything. I talked with some of the older guys, the veterans, and stuff. I can see why no one ever wants to leave this business. When you hit a big move or music hits, and you go out, and 12,000 people lose their minds. I just gave myself goosebumps thinking about it. There’s no feeling that can match that. The power that you feel. I’m in control. Everyone is looking at me. This is my time. It’s one of a kind.”