Scandal Season 7 – Release Date & Updates


According to Shonda Rhimes, Scandal Season 7 is to be the end of the Gladiators. Namely, her overall deal with Netflix won’t have an impact on the status of Scandal. Now, let’s take a look at the scoop of the series’ final season.

When Scandal Season 7 was confirmed earlier this year, Rhimes said that deciding on how to end a show was easy. She said that deciding when to finish was quite simple when the end date was years away. Nonetheless, going through with it is a bit more difficult. Once you realize that’s it, you decide to give your best. Therefore, they are going all out next year. She said that they would do it in the manner Scandal family always handled important things – nothing less than the best.

Furthermore, the popular series had rather low ratings during its sixth season, which premiered in the winter because of Washington’s pregnancy.


As you can remember, the series came out as a spring show in 2012 and turned its formerly thought out seven-episode first season into a 22-episode renewal. Then it gained the highest ratings in the third and fourth season and made it to the top 15 of TV shows with about 12 million viewers per episode at its peak.

As far as its cast is concerned, no announcements were made by the people behind Scandal Season 7. However, we know that Suicide Squad’s Jay Hernandez and Homeland’s Shaun Toub have been cast for recurring roles on the last season of Scandal.


Moreover, Scandal Season 7 will keep its Thursday night timeslot in the autumn. The release date will most likely be September 21 or 28, but nothing official has been said yet. Apart from that, no trailer has been released, but ABC released the promo you can watch below, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out something more.