Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar – WWE Universal Championship Predictions


During the summer months, Brock Lesnar had his hands full with Samoa Joe. He has been in a great feud with the Samoan Submission Machine, and the fans loved every single segment that these two were involved. We thought that there is nobody that is more legit to challenge The Beast Incarnate than Joe. Well, we did forget about The Monster Among Men, a guy that is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar – Braun Strowman.

After the kind of performance that he had at the biggest party of the summer, there was no other way for WWE to go but to push this guy and give him the title opportunity. Lesnar put him over big time at Summerslam, and we have seen more of the same in a couple of shows that Raw had after their last pay per view.

Strowman has looked really good in every segment as he has tortured Lesnar on many different occasions. Even though everybody always expects Lesnar to keep the title in every match, the last three championship battles that he was in were unpredictable. This one is hard to predict as well.


In our opinion, this can only go in one of two ways. First of them is the one where Lesnar defends his title as he has been putting over Braun, making him look strong. WWE usually makes the challenger legit before the fight making the battle itself more interesting and that when he loses, he still looks good.

The other option here is for WWE to go full on board with Strowman, push him to the top and give him this win over Brock Lesnar. Other than Goldberg, which was a special attraction, nobody has pinned Lesnar clean in years, especially since he has beaten the Undertaker at Mania 30.

We don’t think that it will happen at No Mercy. It is a great opportunity for the WWE to give the title to Braun, but we believe that they will stick with Lesnar. He will be dominated by Strowman the whole match, but will somehow squeak past him and retain the belt.