Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton – Payback PPV Picks And Predictions

In what seems to be one of the biggest fights on this Payback pay per view, Randy Orton is going up against Bray Wyatt in what was named a House of Horrors match. What does that mean and what kind of a battle are we going to see on Sunday? Nobody really knows, and that is something that is going to draw the fans to watch this showdown at Payback.

But, that is not the only weird thing about this duel. This was supposed to be the rematch for the WWE title that loser is always owed after he drops the title. So, this was meant to be Wyatt’s guaranteed shot at the title that he lost at Wrestlemania 33. All of a sudden, the company stopped talking about WWE championship when they promoted this match, and this became just a showdown between Orton and Wyatt with nothing being on the line.

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This House of Horrors match is going to be the blow-off of this feud. With Wyatt being on Monday Night Raw, if this duel was for the belt, Randy Orton would be the obvious choice for this fight as there is no way that Smackdown Live would lose WWE Championship to Monday Night Raw. If the title was on the line, the outcome of this one would have been quite predictable.

Now, when the belt is off the table, Bray Wyatt might actually win the battle and move on to do whatever he’s got to do on the red brand. This guy will probably feud with Finn Balor, and Randy Orton can focus on Jinder Mahal as he is the next challenger in line for his title. We are picking Bray Wyatt to win this match clean. Randy will put him over as this loss won’t hurt him at all while Wyatt needs this win badly.

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