Neville vs. Austin Aries – Payback PPV Picks And Predictions

One of the best matches at the Wrestlemania 33 is going to have a second chapter this Sunday at the Payback pay per view as Neville and Austin Aries with battle again for the Cruiserweight title. These two are the best that this division has to offer and we expect that they are going to have a great duel on Sunday, maybe even the match of the night. But, who is going to come out on top?

At Wrestlemania, we have seen Neville retain the title by poking Aries in the eyes and rolling him up for the three count. Aries is a big babyface in the Cruiserweight division, and that is why the company couldn’t have Neville win clean at the grandest stage of them all. But, they also couldn’t take the title off of The King Of Cruiserweights as he has had a phenomenal reign. It is definitely too early for his title reign to end.

So what does the company do in this situation when they can’t have Neville getting pinned while Austin Aries shouldn’t be losing clean as the top face of the Cruiserweight division?

Well, here is what they are going to do. TJ Perkins has been involved with Neville in the last couple of weeks since Perkins made a turn to the dark side. He turned heel after Neville explained some things to him and it was a necessary move for Perkins. There is no doubt that Aries won’t lose clean, but we don’t think that Neville will lose the title. Double-A will have the advantage in this match, but Perkins will get involved to help Neville get the win and retain the title. Either that or TJ causes DQ, and the title stays around Neville’s waist.