Brazilian Bikini Model Rayssa Teixeiro Melo Punches The Presenter and Storms Out

The Brazilian bikini model Rayssa Teixeira Melo was a guest on a TV show, but the things got out of control when the presenter slightly touched her inappropriately as he was “teaching us” how to apply sun cream appropriately.

The directors of this show chose the weird combination to demonstrate this. First of all, there is a buxom brunette dressed in a tanga bikini bottom, revealing top and high heels together with a masculine male presenter, whose hands wandered off as he was applying the sun cream on her body.

Gorgeous Rayssa Teixeira Melo has become extremely popular on Instagram and other social media lately because of her athletic body. She warned the presenter to stay above the waist, but he couldn’t control his hands which strayed off to the wrong place.

Immediately after he touched her, she grabbed his wrist and said: “No, that’s my” and added: “Do you know this part?” Other presenters just stood in disbelief and watched uncomfortably. The presenter asked the model whether he could continue to rub some more sun cream on her leg and tried to calm her down, but once again he touched her inappropriately and now he earned himself a slap.

Rayssa though he crossed the limit and she called the presenter presumptuous. Meanwhile, he was playing innocent and tried to keep his composure and maintain the smile he had earlier during the show.

The famous model walked off the set after calling him a “clown” and she even threw some studio caps at him, which she picked up from the nearby table. This incident happened during health section of a TV show in Brazil on Wednesday. She said nothing about this incident, but her followers blamed the presenter and concluded that she was right for defending herself.

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