8 Eagerly Expected Anime Series in 2017


If you think 2016 was the best year for anime, you’re wrong – 2017 is to be even better. We have a list of 8 very promising and eagerly awaited anime series we will be watching this year, so let’s check it out.

Attack On Titan

In this season we can see some characters tested by invading Titans and they will, at last, get to find out more about the origin of these beasts.


My Hero Academia

This anime follows a young boy in his great efforts to become a professional hero since he is born in the world where it is the norm to have superpowers.



The story of KonoSuba revolves around a teenager who is sent to a parallel fantasy world after his sudden death. He can live out his dreams in this alternate world, but he is also supposed to help a goddess Aqua to defeat a villain.


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

The series follows Lelouch in his efforts to take down the Holy Britannian Empire.


Little Witch Academia

A girl is training with her peers to become part of the new generation of witches, while she experiences great difficulties due to her lack of magical background.



The story of this anime revolves around a hero who is an incredibly talented samurai and lives in an alternate world of an alien-invaded Japan. The main character struggles through life, which gets even more complicated when he meets an alien girl and saves her from being trafficked.


Blue Exorcist

This season of Blue Exorcist will follow a teenager in his gaining control over the demonic powers he possesses. He is one of Satan’s sons, and he wants to become an exorcist in order to take down his father.


One-Punch Man

The new season of this hilarious parody series has a lot of heart-stopping action and glues you to the TV.