Huge Update On Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal For Wrestlemania 33

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best NBA players of all time, but he also likes to step in the ring sometimes and throw hands with some of the WWE wrestlers. He was on Monday Night Raw a couple of years ago when he started his own feud with the World’s largest athlete, the Big Show.

Shaq even made an appearance during Wrestlemania 33 as he was in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match and he had a big staredown with the Big Show. They went at it a little bit, just like a couple of years back on Monday Night Raw, but both of them got thrown out over the top rope by the other competitors in the match.

They met at last year’s ESPYs when they said that they are going to do a big show for Wrestlemania 33, but now it seems that the duel might be canceled. Just a couple of days ago Big Show said that the match might not happen, and now Shaq stated the same thing on a recent podcast. On the latest episode of his podcast, Shaq was asked if the rumors of the match being canceled are true. Here is what he said:

“That’s probably right. It’s not my fault, that’s all you need to know. It ain’t my fault. It’s not totally off yet but it’s not looking good. But it doesn’t matter, I’m still working out and I still look better than Big Show. I’ll still meet him where-ever he wants to meet me.”

This might be just a beginning of a promo and a marketing trick to attract more attention to Wrestlemania 33 and to the feud of these two big boys. What do you think, are they just working the mic before entering the ring or they are for real thinking about canceling the match?