Breaking the Monogamy Mold: Unique Relationship Styles You Need to Know About

There is a huge difference between living in an open marriage or being in an open relationship and actual cheating. Namely, there are many types of relationship styles where you can find everything you and your significant other might need, and the end result will be a much better and healthier relationship. Now, almost everyone is familiar with certain styles, but here, we will also mention and provide insight into some other styles so that finding one that suits you the most will get much easier.


As already stated, living in a modern world brings so many changes to the perception of things that were considered in the past as something of a must, something that goes without saying, and relationships, or, to be more precise, monogamy, is one of those things. Today, much is different, as there are many new relationship styles that support and promote the open relationship. In essence, this means that couples are open about their sexual life, and in the case of polyamory, all parties involved have the knowledge of multiple intimate relationships.

There are two types of polyamory relationships, and they can either be romantic or sexual in nature, but the key is that everyone has full knowledge and has given their consent. Many people have trouble understanding the true nature of these relationships, and some people even use polyamory as an excuse for cheating on their partners, which is why it’s important to highlight once more that everyone needs to have full knowledge of what is going on.

As for the benefits of polyamory, the first and most important is increased relationship energy, which is based on much better communication and understanding. People feel free to talk about any given problem or suggestion and are more willing to listen to other people’s desires, which leads to a much happier life.


Now, this is something most people have at least heard about, as this is not something new, unlike some other relationship styles on this list. The thing that gives this style an advantage is the fact that you are getting close to other couples together, which also adds a bit of a romantic effect to the entire relationship. In nature, swinging is there to satisfy the sexual desires of couples and should end at that, but it can become something more, as it all depends on all parties involved.

The biggest benefit of this style is that it’s widely accepted, and the fact there are even swinger clubs supports this claim, but there are also groups of friends who know each other and have socialized for many years. Of course, if you want to keep this a secret, you would probably prefer to go to a club where privacy is granted, and that is why doing a bit of necessary research is a must. Michigan swingers, for example, have a vast offer of clubs, and they can easily find a club that suits them the most.


We have already mentioned that polyamory means every person in this type of relationship knows about other partners, and all of them are involved sexually and emotionally. It allows bringing new people into this small circle, but only when everyone is informed and agrees on that. Unlike polyamory, polyfidelity is more closed as it implies a relationship between more people, but it is closed, and not a single person from that circle is looking for new partners. Of course, a new person can enter a polyfidelity relationship, but only if all people involved agree.

Since it is a closed type, and all people involved know each other well, they can create a strong bond and a healthy relationship between them, which can last for a long time.

Open relationship

Being in an open relationship is pretty common, and it means that one or both partners are involved in romantic or sexual encounters with other people. It differs from other types from the list because partners do not always know about the other’s adventures, as both of them are free to do whatever they want. Of course, both of them must agree on that, as it is the only way to enjoy and make their bond much stronger instead of breaking it.

Unfortunately, many people use this type as an excuse to cheat on their partners, so we need to mention that it cannot be an open relationship unless both partners agree. If one is not okay with that, and another one is finding people for sexual or/and romantic encounters, it is considered cheating.


Many people are already familiar with this term, as it is extremely common and even preferable in some cultures, as it is considered a part of their lifestyles. Namely, when it comes to polygamy, a person has many partners of the opposite sex, while they are not involved with each other in sexual or romantic encounters.

The most popular example is the sultans with numerous wives, where each of them has a real marriage with them, which is a part of their culture and heritage. It is now widely accepted, and people from all over the globe live the polygamy lifestyle and enjoy that. Of course, a person needs to be informed that their partner is a polygamist and agree on that, but they cannot affect their decision to find another spouse.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many types of relationships, and these from our list are just some of the most popular ones. While in some cultures, being monogamous is a must, having more partners is preferable in others, and they usually cannot understand each other.

However, when it comes to you and your lifestyle, there should not be any limitations, and you should be able to explore and enjoy whatever makes you happy. We have only one life, and because of that, we must live it as we want and try to be happy, as in the end, it is the only thing that matters.