Breaking: WWE Releases James Ellsworth!


There have been a couple of stars that were released from the WWE over the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest names on that list was Emma as she was involved in women’s division storylines and the company has actually used her a couple of times just days before they decided to let her go. That is why her release came as a big surprise to everybody.

The release of James Ellsworth doesn’t come as a huge surprise though. He was put in a prime position on the blue brand just a year ago. People loved that underdog character that he presented. But, WWE went too far with promoting him aggressively, and they just ended pushing him down people’s throats. He was even in a Championship match with AJ Styles and has beaten him a couple of times.


All of that was WWE just going too far with him, and the people started wanting him to get off their TV. Every week, they did the same thing with Ellsworth while making fans’ favorite superstars look bad.

After all that backslash, the company was forced to have him do something else as he was under the contract. That is why they put him with Carmella as her “lap dog.”

Eventually, they decided that it was not worth at all and they had Becky Lynch beat him. Other women have put him down as well during this build for the Survivor Series. The way to write his character off TV was for Carmella to beat him down after he lost to Becky.

WWE stated on their website that they have come to terms with Ellsworth’s release and that they wish him all the best in his future endeavors.