Breaking: WWE Releases Three Superstars


If there is no PPV event coming up on Sunday, this day is usually quiet in the world of WWE as the company, their performers and the fans are getting ready for another busy week of TV shows and live house shows for the people all across the United States of America. This Sunday is a bit different as there has been some major news breaking this afternoon.

When WWE decides to release somebody, they usually don’t do it on a Sunday. It is just not how the company has operated in the past. They made an exception this time around and decided to part ways with three of their superstars.

The biggest name on this new cut list is Emma. After being one of the best women performers down in the NXT and being one of the first that has started this women’s revolution, WWE decided that it is time for two sides to part ways.


Emma wrestled her last two matches at TLC and on Raw with Asuka, both in losing efforts. She has been unhappy with her position in the company but actually wanted to stay. She tweeted a broken heart after the release, which could indicate that this came as a huge shock to her.

Two others stars that are no longer employed with the WWE are Summer Rae and Darren Young. Both of them haven’t been a part of the events, and they had no storylines going on, but both wrestled at the house shows. Darren Young was in LA with the WWE this Saturday, and there was no sign of something like this happening. We will probably hear a bit more about these releases in the coming days. Anyway, the WWE found a way to make this Sunday quite interesting even without any major duels and big matches on the schedule.