WWE 2K18 – What’s It Like?


Once again, 2K Sports has released the WWE game, and this time, it was an attempt to introduce something new to the title and make it more interesting. However, that has not happened, and the gameplay remained mostly the same. The game is realistic enough, and for example, when the wrestler is tired, it takes him more time to crawl over for the pin after the finishing move. Even though this may be considered frustrating, it is done well.

In WWE 2K18, you will be able to carry your exhausted opponent with fireman’s carries and powerbombs before you drop them. This is the only significant change, and it is a good one since you don’t need to plan your positioning in case you want to throw the opponents through tables or out of the ring.

And finally, Yuke’s and Visual Concepts finally work on the Royal Rumble. For most of the WWE fans, the Royal Rumble is their favorite even, and that is nothing surprising. With real characters and colossal roster, Royal Rumble becomes just perfect if you want to wreak havoc.


The WWE 2K18 feels lively not just because you can now carry the weakened nemesis, but because you can now toss the people out of the ring a lot easier than before, which makes the game more realistic. You no longer need to waste a finisher to hit someone too hard so that they end up flying out.

Moreover, you will be able to fit eight guys in the ring at the same time. However, you should know that this is not yet perfected, and some glitches could happen now and then but what can you do, right? A Dreamcast game had the option of putting nine guys in the ring, and it has passed a lot of time before the modern wrestling games (almost) achieved this level.

WWE 2K18 has the biggest roster ever with almost 200 wrestlers. Everybody from the ongoing lineup is available, but besides them, there are some legends, the NXT guys and Cruiserweight division, which is brand new. Graphics have also been improved, and the wrestlers look really good. Even though this still needs a little upgrade, it is a lot better than before.

Moreover, just like before, you will be able to create your wrestler, and that feature is as good as always. There is even the ability to create glowing effects, which is not much of enhancement, to be honest, but the change is not downgrading the game either. Just like the universe mode, create-a-wrestler is on a high level. Furthermore, you can create a match type and save the set of rules, so props for that as well.

The issue the developers have had was MyCareer mode which has been improving year in year out, but it still hasn’t reached the level it should be on. Dialogue is terrible, but, let’s face it – it isn’t outstanding in the real-world wrestling, so that can be disregarded. You will just have to get used to it. Also, 2K Showcase mode doesn’t exist. In other words, it means that you are stuck with a created wrestler, or you play with the fixed set of guys. Before, you could have chosen between your favorite wrestler or the man you create in the game, but that has changed.

This title has its advantages and disadvantages, but that only shows you one thing – WWE 2K should be a two-year game. For instance, in case you have WWE 2K16, you can buy this one, but if you have the WWE 2K17, perhaps you should wait for the next year. Two-year period between the installments should be enough time for the developers to enhance the game and fix the issues they have.