We bring you – 13 times Dwayne The Rock Johnson conquered the internet!

The Rock is certainly a personal hero to many out there. With his ever growing movie career and his excellent ex-WWE one he also has time to do cool stuff off the screen. Between the gym, helping raise his daughters or God knows what else in between he still has time for a very active social media presence.

But he, unlike others, uses that social media presence to transfer a very important message – hard work, gratitude, and being a standup citizen actually pays off. I do not know if you are aware, but this incredible man has more than 85 million Instagram followers, 58 million Facebook fans, and 11 million Twitter followers meaning he is a very internet-popular celebrity, maybe even the most popular one in this era. Right here you will see just 13 reasons that justify this, so enjoy!

#1 He befriended a toddler

Since he is a father himself, this was no strange thing to him. Here you can see him and a two-year-old girl who, after visiting a set of Central Intelligence expressed, that her dream is to “pull” an airplane, and without thinking Dwayne made that wish come true. He, of course, is doing all the heavy work but since he is that kind of a guy, he insists that she is “so strong” and awesome by doing what she dreamed about.


#2 The time he damaged someone’s truck

One time, back in 2015 I believe, he managed to sideswipe someone’s truck (only side mirror damaged), and since he is a stand-up guy, he didn’t flee the scene. He returned apologized and offered to pay for the damage done. The guy he hit was, as it turned out, his HUUUGE fan who refused any money for the damage done. They, of course, took a picture together and had a good laugh at the whole situation.


#3 Dwayne considered running for President

If you recall the 2016 Presidential campaign, then you know that there were few banners saying “The Rock for President” after which Dwayne made some mention regarding his political ambitions. Slightly before that, he also said that there are some roles in the political area that are “alluring,” so the future engagement is not entirely out of the picture. He thought about becoming a leader sometime in the future but only “if I feel I can step up.”

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#4 He became the most awesome life-sized Pikachu

The Rock is set to be the best father a little girl can have, and if that means you have to wear a furry Pikachu costume at blistering heat to make your daughter happy, then it shall be done! There is no mountain this man wouldn’t move for his kids, and he has proven it on several occasions.


#5 Puppy rescuer

He is truly an animal lover, and he proved that not once but twice so far by rescuing endangered small dogs from unfortunate situations. The first time he rescued his own two dogs, Brutus and Hobs, from a swimming mishap in his pool. The other one was a situation where he came across some abandoned dogs while he was in Hawaii. He decided to pick them up, name them – J Lo and Beyoncé, and started searching for their new home.


#6 Held a concert for vets

If you are our regular reader, then you have read about this already. He hosted the first “Rock the Troops” concert in Hawaii to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and celebrate today’s military members. Everybody had a great time, the event was a huge success and how could it be anything but with the names like Jack Black to Kevin Hart to Nick Jonas?!


#7 He can make a joke on his own account

You must have seen this, even more, if you are a fan of the guy. There is one photo of the young Dwayne that every so often pops up on the internet and on that image he is wearing faded denim, a black turtleneck, and a fanny pack. This is an image that Dwayne loves to use to make fun of himself, even more since the fans manage to recreate something new out of it every time.


#8 His tough-love advice

Dwayne made a videotape birthday card for his father, and in it, he shared some of his father’s tough-love advice – “He used to tell me, “if you’re gonna throw up, go outside.. and if you’re gonna cry go home to your mom for sympathy, ’cause you won’t find any here”.” His father was also an incredible man and a former WWE star who started training Dwayne when he was six.


#9 He met a fan that had a tattoo of his face

This is the time when Jimmy Fallon and The Rock decided to play a prank on visitors at NBC‘s Universal Studios Theme Park. To do so, they dressed in mascot costumes of themselves and photobombed unsuspecting tourists. But one tourist really surprised them. When Dwayne decided to take the mask off in front of that guy, he found out that he was a huge fan, and more so a fan that has three tattoos of Johnson inked on his body.


#10 Kevin Hart impersonator

As you know these two made a huge comedy called Central Intelligence which is basically a buddy spy comedy. During the filming of the movie they had such a great time and it continued after it was done and we saw it when Dwayne tried to impersonate Hart’s distinctive style of talking and vice versa. That attempt ended up in such a hard laughing session that both were in tears (of joy of course).


#11 Dwayne SNL host

Back in 2015, Dwayne hosted the Saturday Night Live, and he got to transform into a new character – “The Rock Obama.” This was an epic SNL and with Jay Pharaoh undergoing Hulk-like transformation into “The Rock Obama,” it was even better. Great show which ended with Dwayne “cleaning up” the Oval Office.

#12 Has a strict dieting regime but enjoys cheat meals

Yes, he hits the gym almost religiously, and he eats healthy, but even The Rock is just a human (we hope). With this one, he showed that although he follows a notoriously strict and fitness-oriented diet, he also enjoys those tasty cheat meals.


#13 The launch of the “People’s Eyebrow”

If you thought that his raised eyebrow, from time to time, is just a casual facial motion, then you are wrong. That gimmick he makes has a name of its own and its the “People’s Eyebrow.” That exact thing is what he’s famous for, and it’s going back for decades. Well, to be honest, he was known for the eyebrow and for his world famous slogan – “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?”