Charlotte Not Turning Face After All?


Some of the biggest stars in the history of this company have started out as heels and got the fans to hate them before they rose to the stardom as good guys and girls. You can just look at The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for you to realize that being a heel first is the way to go. After a while, the fans just appreciate heels for doing a great job, and then they want to cheer for them.

One of the best heels not only in the women’s division but overall in the WWE in the past year and a half has been Charlotte Flair. Her run on Monday Night Raw was pretty good, she did everything there was to do on the red brand, so that is why her moving to Smackdown was a good idea. But, it seems that WWE wanted her to turn face, which would be a bad move in the minds of many fans.


And they are right. It is too early for Charlotte to be a babyface as the fans still really don’t like to cheer for her. She still has a lot of time ahead of her as a heel so why ruin that? They need to keep this girl as a villain on Smackdown Live.

It seems that the company has second thoughts about having her as a face. There is some kind of friction between her and Naomi after this week’s edition of the show which is a good sign that Charlotte will remain a villain after the creative writers began to have second thoughts about her being a good girl.