Cristiano Ronaldo earned 1.1 million euros in 4 and a half hours

The Portuguese superstar has closed some amazing contracts back in the past which are all responsible for the wealth he owns at present. As we all know, Cristiano Ronaldo has had an amazing career, and he earned most of his money by sheer efforts, professionalism and of course, an excellent game he was showing on the court. However, you would be surprised upon hearing how, for a certain part of his wealth, he didn’t have to do almost anything. Imagine that you could have an income that goes into your account without any special reason. Well, that’s precisely something that Ronaldo experienced.

Dirty Jobs in football” is the name of the book “Football Lixa” which has lately disclosed some amazing information when it comes to the most important secondary matter.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be one of their biggest targets. After hearing the news about the Portuguese star hiding the money in Panama, you will be able to read what the new findings and rumors suggest.

They suggest that Real Madrid star earned as much as 1.1 million euros in only four and a half hours in 2013. And he managed to pocket this huge amount of money from a telecom company in Saudi Arabia which agreed with the company in charge of Ronaldo’s rights to pay more than a million euros to the player.

For that money Cristiano made a commitment to “dedicate” four and a half hours of his time to them, sign five shirts, and do some photo shoots.


Saudi firm has received the permission to use these images of Ronaldo for one day of advertising. And all these pictures they could show only in the Middle East and North Africa, they could not release them in the whole world.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the Portuguese most famous football player’s wealth is estimated at 190 million euros.