How to Bring the Nature in your Living Room and Enrich your Space

It is well-known that nature decreases stress, sadness, rage and anger. Indeed, it can have a positive effect on your motivation, mood and focus. At the same time, it can also be beneficial for your general health and additionally have a relaxing and tranquilizing influence on you. While home is most likely one of the foremost environments in our lives, it is the place in which we first wake up, the place in which we prepare for the day awaiting us, not to mention, in recent times, it has become the place where we work. Being at home is also supposed to be for relaxing and recovering our body, spirit and mind, particularly in a tense circumstance like we have been going through lately. For a more natural feel to your interior, below you will find five ways to bring nature into your home.

Choose biophilic design

Biophilic design focuses on bringing nature into indoor spaces through the inclusion of either natural items or through the replication of a real natural ambience indoors. The goal of Biophilic Design is actually to reconnect humankind with nature, the link that has been shown to have many health advantages, including lower level of stress, better mood and improved overall functioning as well as more energy and creativeness, plus it can have a beneficial influence on emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Make your home filled with houseplants

According to Compass Property Team, houseplants may be the easiest way to incorporate nature into your home. Ferns, succulents, cacti, orchids, aloes and plenty of common plants and flowers do well in interiors as long as you give them a little attention. Thus, you have a wide range of choices that you can use to add life to any room. Indoor plants are not only beautiful form of décor, but also have a significant benefit on your health, due to the fact that they relieve stress or anxiety, and at the same time clean toxins out of the air we breathe.

Getting your indoor garden started, include a variety of plants throughout your home of all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can also place plants on kitchen countertops, position them on coffee tables, have them hanging from the ceiling, keep them in plant baskets on the floor, etc. Make an effort to have a minimum of a few plants in each room, except from your bedroom, as well as include multiple plant choices.

Make your home decorated with paintings of nature

There are so many health and wellness advantages to art itself for both your spiritual and physical health, the most notable of which involve the ability to lower feelings of tension and anxiousness, as well as even enhance your overall sense of comfort and happiness. Having some art around the house will also heighten our level of appreciation and fulfillment for what we are lucky enough to have in our lives. Its inspirational nature often serves as a reminder of what is most important in life.

TopherStraus‘ artwork embraces a non-traditional, style-driven design of natural and urban landscapes and national park art type, which you cannot find on a lot of places.

There is something unbelievably strong that comes with color. We can be emotionally affected by the colors and designs we see; for example, the green, blue, and brown tones are reminiscent of the colors of nature and inspire feelings of stress relief and tranquility. These natural tones can be incorporated into your home by painting your walls, ceilings, or doors, or through making a color theme with your furniture. Likewise, consider adding wallpaper with flowers or natural prints in order to produce that sense of nature at home.

Make use of the natural light to the fullest


Providing natural light into your home is a great way to help provide a lighter, more comfortable atmosphere. When the weather is warm there is lots of natural light available, however this is not the case when the weather is colder and darker, therefore adding natural light to your home during this period is also extremely essential. For example, you can use skylights to bring the light into your home, alternatively, you can install translucent curtains and venetian blinds in bright colors to allow more light to enter.

Use natural materials

Aside from using natural floors, make sure you choose natural materials to furnish and decorate your home. Choose pieces of natural wood furniture, including coffee tables and cupboards for the living room. For a more eco-friendly lifestyle, consider recycled pieces. Include stonework surfaces in the kitchen along with non-plastered brick walls to create a natural feel. According to research studies, adding all-natural products to our homes, which include wood, stone, bamboo, rattan, cork or many more, can help lower heart disease and improve efficiency and comfort.

Decorate using textiles/natural fibres as a reflection of nature

Textiles and fabrics may be a great way of giving you the feeling of being surrounded by nature in your home. Consider using fabrics in your sheets, pillowcases, rugs, curtains, table sets and even tablecloths that have plant prints or patterns that match nature to make you feel more in touch with the natural elements.

A time spent outside with nature has the power to be extremely good for our health and well-being. Therefore, its no wonder why a lot of people opt to have some nature brought into their homes. The perfect way for us to get the feeling of being in touch with our natural world again is by inviting nature into the home that brings a feeling of calmness and simple perfection to your home. Our soul is best comforted and made to feel at home by nature. Therein you will learn the meaning of life and ways in which you can be yourself. Have you ever thought of incorporating nature inside your home? Alone the idea may seem so intriguing that you will feel comfortable embracing the tranquility with a spirit filled with harmony. When it comes down to it, there is nothing more beautiful than merging the interior of your home with nature.