We Bring You Samsung Galaxy S8’s 4 Reasons to Buy and 3 Reasons Not To

Well, this actually happened – Samsung Galaxy S8 has been officially announced which means two things, some of the rumors are confirmed while others have been debunked! So far everybody announced it as a flagship smartphone of the year, but since it is revealed, we and many others, have spotted some things that might make you say “Nah that’s not for me!” This is why we are bringing you 4 reasons to buy, but also 3 reasons why you shouldn’t. Check it out!

The plus side:

#1 Infinity Display
The way the Samsung company works is that they do their best to produce a really awesome device, but they also make a phone which most would buy just for its looks, totally disregarding its specifications or many other things it has to offer. That this is a way of Samsung is confirmed by their decision to drop the physical home button, and bringing a bezel-less display. They called this the Infinity display and its curved like that around the Edges which allowed the company to fit a 5.8-inch display in the body of a far smaller smartphone than it was required before.

Source; forbes.com

#2 Face Scanner
From the first speculations and guesses, everybody seemed to have expected the iris scanner, but it seems that everybody benefited by getting a face scanner. This just goes to show how big the rivalry between Samsung and Apple is and just how Samsung is always one step ahead. The facial recognition software has been rumored for the iPhone 8, but it seems that Galaxy S8 has beaten them to it. According to The Verge, this feature is fast and it in the combo with the iris scanner, means that the users will very quickly forget about the fingerprint scanner.

Source; slashgear.com

#3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
The fact that Samsung always has all the best hardware is backed up by the latest from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835 which is apparently reserved only for the Samsung’s flagship. Combined with the 4 GB of RAM, the S8 just might be one of the, if not the most powerful device in 2017.

Source; wccftech.com

#4 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
The good move that Samsung made was to retain the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Why? Well, since the iPhone kicked their’s off, as a part of more “innovative” approach, the community nearly made a riot over this! Users of this, according to Apple, “old school” thing can be at ease when purchasing their new favorite gadget because they will still be able to listen to music while charging the Galaxy S8 via its USB-C port.

Source; theverge.com

The NOT TO side:

#1 Bixby Artificial Intelligence
The Bixby is Samsung’s way to try and copy (or even beat) Siri deal, but it just came out bad. According to what CNET revealed company’s virtual assistant looks good only on paper, and it still needs a lot of work. If you plan to buy this phone for it new assistant, you are better off waiting for it to get updated, or simply choose another smartphone that already has established AI helper.

Source; wired.co.uk

#2 No Dual Cameras
The disappointing side of the S8 is that its camera has not changed much at all. There are two variants – the S8 and S8 Plus, but they only made changes to the size of the screen. The dual-camera setup is one of those things that has been debunked as a rumor. Now the story is that the dual-camera setup may appear in the Note 8 which is a way better buy than the S8 Plus which praise itself as a phablet.

Source; androidauthority.com

#3 Bad Fingerprint Scanner Placement
Well, it seems that Samsung can make a mistake when the design is considered. This is by far the worst design solution when the fingerprint scanner position is considered. Apparently, someone in the South Korean company decided that the back and below the camera is too ordinary, so they installed the scanner right beside the camera instead. The problem here is the fact that it is too hard to reach and that you will leave a heck a lot of fingerprints on the camera lens trying to get it right.

Source; androidauthority.com

This review is not complete of course since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has not yet been officially released, but the pre-orders are now available for those who want it. As it goes with any other new flagship phone, they have their good sides and bad ones, but since it is still impossible to get the hand on review, we suggest you hold for the official launch and then decided if you want it or not.