Brock Lesnar And Samoa Joe Go Head-To-Head


Brock Lesnar finally made his return to the WWE TV after not appearing since Wrestlemania 33. Samoa Joe is his new opponent, and that feud started last week when the Samoan Submission Machine took out Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman. That segment was the best thing on the last week’s event, and this week it was again the most entertaining thing that WWE presented to their fans. Probably the only good thing on the show.

Paul Heyman stated that he was there to unleash the Beast on Samoa Joe. Lesnar finally made his comeback, and he is angry because of the fact that Joe put his guy in the Coquina Clutch. Usually, you don’t want two guys that are in a high profile battle to put their hands on each other as it builds suspense for the match itself, but this time, they quickly got into each other.

Lesnar chased Samoa Joe multiple times while the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was trying to do everything that it was in his power in order to stop that brawl. Security wasn’t good enough to complete that task, so Angle was quick to call the superstars from the locker room to help him out. Joe was also able to get some offense on Lesnar as he kicked him right in the face, dropping Lesnar hard.

For two straight weeks now, this feud has delivered. It had a nice start last Monday, and the continuation of this feud was also right on the money as well. These two are the best thing on Monday Night Raw by far and, with the shows generally being awful, we can expect that this trend is going to continue until the Great Balls of Fire pay per view where these two will have their battle for the Universal Championship.