Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns Gets A Very Bad Reaction!

Yet another attempt from the WWE to put over Roman Reigns has failed. There is no doubt that this company has gone above and beyond to put over this guy and make the crowd cheer for him, but nothing is working. They have given us intelligence insulting storyline, making Roman look like he represents the people and is the one fighting against a guy that gets the privileges from the authorities. Everybody knows that Roman is Vince’s favorite, yet he was calling Brock “Vince’s boy.”

That is just intelligence insulting stuff right there. Nobody believed in this storyline, nobody thinks that Roman is legit enough to be the champion over Lesnar. Brock himself probably thought the same thing. Everybody expected Roman to win this match, which would have sent this Mania crowd to the bottom of the sea. They would have been flat out disappointed. But, WWE made swirl here and gave the belt to Brock Lesnar.

The fans were booing these two since the beginning. Lesnar was just throwing Reigns all over the place, hitting a bunch of F5’s, which is something that the fans didn’t like at all. The chants of “this is awful” have even started at the Superdome. The beach ball was flying around, which is a universal sign that the fans don’t care about what the wrestlers are doing in the ring.

We don’t know why WWE didn’t give the belt to Roman Reigns like they planned all along. But, they still made him look good. Strowman? 1 F5 was enough for Lesnar to put him down Samoa Joe? 1 F5 was also used and was enough to hold him down for the three count. Roman Reigns? 6 F5s? Really? Well, because of that, the fans didn’t believe in this storyline. They know who the real Vince’s boy is.