A Shock At Wrestlemania – Nakamura Turns Heel!


This Wrestlemania 34 had the chance to be one of the best ever as the card was stacked. We had a lot of big matches and a lot of big stars on this pay per view, so the preparation for the event was good. But, WWE really didn’t book this the right way. We are not going to say that this was a terrible show or that it is one of the worst Mania’s of all time, but there is no doubt that it was the most disappointing of all time.

When you take a look at the card and what the company could have done with it, there is no doubt that there a are a lot of fans that feel underwhelmed. That is exactly how we feel and that is exactly the feeling that we had after the WWE Championship match between the Phenomenal AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.


It looked like they never got out of the first gear. The showdown was decent, but it was nothing like we expected. This had the potential to be a four-star classic at the very worst. Well, they didn’t deliver, and it is not because of the performers.

It is because of the WWE and their booking. It is either the thing where they don’t really have enough time to give them more to work with, which is company’s fault, or they didn’t want them to do too much so the main event looks bad.

At the end of the battle, Nakamura hit Styles with the low blow after the loss, which was shocking. The King of Strong Style should have won the match and shouldn’t have turned heel. Exactly the opposite thing happened, which is just one of the many examples why this Wrestlemania was disappointing.