The Undertaker Buries John Cena at Wrestlemania 34

It is over. The Undertaker has exited his retirement. He answered the calls of John Cena and joined him on the biggest stage of them all. What came as an even bigger surprise, is that The Dead Man was able to take down the 16-time World Champion in under five minutes.

The buildup to this clash was done only by The Champ. He was calling out The Undertaker on the WWE shows, and on social networks, but he was unable to draw a response. Many people, Cena included, already gave up on the match as there was no official confirmation that the duel would actually happen.

The Phenom was absent from WWE events since he lost to Roman Reigns during the 2017 Wrestlemania. He was also dead silent to Cena’s taunts. The Doctor of Thuganomics gave his best to provoke a reaction from The Undertaker.

Prior to Wrestlemania 34, The Champ said that he would be there regardless of his booking, as a fan. He duly delivered on this promise as he’s been seen in the crowd surrounded by fans. He was taking pictures with them and shared a couple of beers with a lively crowd. But, after the first two matches at the Show of the Immortals, a referee came to get John to the backstage. One and a half hour later he came down the ramp followed by his recognizable music.

But, instead of The Undertaker, he found himself face to face with Elias. After Cena let him run through his lyrics, Elias was escorted out by The Champ following an Attitude Adjustment. After a disappointing and quickly ended duel Cena was about to leave the arena before the lights went out.

What came after the smoke, lightning, and creepy music, was The Dead Man more than ready to answer the call. All of us who expected a long match were left disappointed. After only five minutes the Phenom was over with John Cena. It all ended with series of hits, he completed the fight with a huge chokeslam, followed by a tombstone piledriver.

The Undertaker is now out of retirement with his Wrestlemania record standing at 24-2. This prompts the question: What’s next for him in the world of wrestling?