He broke into a car to save the baby. Soon he realized what a mistake he made!


It is very well known that children and animals must not be left in the car when the temperatures are high, not even for a while because it can be very dangerous.

Quite quickly the car gets warmed up to very high temperatures, especially if the windows are closed.

Officer Jason Short received a call to react in a similar situation, at the parking lot of a shopping center. When he arrived at the place of the event, he approached the car and saw the baby in it. He reacted on the spot.

He saw the baby’s foot beneath the blanket and realized that he must not waste time.


He broke into the vehicle to save the child. However, the baby did not move or breathe. The police officer was frightened, but he did not allow panic to overcome him. He tried to remain calm in order to find the best solution to save the baby.

At the same time, Jason began a reanimation and called for help … Soon after he came to a striking conclusion that the baby was not a living being, but it was actually just a doll!

The owner of the car, Carolina Seifert, is actually a puppeteer and has obviously brought her craft to perfection.

The doll is worth $ 2,300, and it represents a true copy of the baby to the smallest detail.


The doll even has the skin and weight of a child. So, it is not difficult for people to mistake it for an actual baby.

After this event, Carolina printed this warning in order to prevent future misunderstandings and situations similar to this one.