The Most Interesting Road Game For The Cowboys Is…

We can say that the Dallas Cowboys have been pretty good road squad over the last couple of seasons as there were years where they had a better record away from their stadium than at home. Being good away from home is a trait of the teams that are in the hunt for the Super Bowl title. If they want to lift that Lombardi trophy in early February of 2018, they are going to need to be just as good while visiting the opposing teams as they will have to be at AT&T Stadium.

A matchup with the Oakland Raiders in December at Black Hole is going to be a big one. That will be a true test for the Dallas Cowboys. Both of these squads should be Playoff caliber in December, and this game will determine who is more ready for what Postseason holds. Two Super Bowl contenders going up against each other is always a must see duel.

Dallas will, just like in 2016, play its final game of the year in Philly. Now, that clash in December was pointless as Dallas didn’t have anything to lose and Eagles didn’t have a thing to play for. Well, if one of the two teams have something to win or lose in that final match of the year, things can get very interesting. If these two are in the direct battle for the divisional crown, this becomes the biggest game of the regular season for both.

Having said all of that, the most interesting game will be against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 10. We saw in the Playoffs just how good the Atlanta Falcons were at home. Some are going to pick these two to meet again in the NFC Championship game, so this is going to be a good test for both teams. There are chances that they will meet in the Playoffs and this is going to be a nice preview in Week 10.